Al-Haiatul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh (Bengali: আল-হাইআতুল উলয়া লিল-জামিয়াতিল কওমিয়া বাংলাদেশ) is the Govt recognized Qawmi Madrasa Education Institute of Bangladesh having the authority to arrange Dawra-e Hadis central examination and to issue certificate. It consists of six Qawmi Madrsa Education Boards. These are: Befaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh; Befaqul Madarisil Qawmia Gauhordanga, Bangladesh; Ittehadul Madarisil Qawmia Chittagong, Bangladesh; Azad Deeni Edara-e Talim Sylhet, Bangladesh; Tanjeemul Madarisid Diniya Bangladesh; and Jatiya Deeni Madrasa Shikkha Board Bangladesh.

On 11 April 2017 evening, in the presence of Qawmi Scholars and on the basis of the principles of Darul Uloom Deoband, the honorable PM Sheikh Hasina declared the highest degree of QawmiMadrasa Dawra-e Hadith equivalent to master’s degree (Islamic Studies and Arabic). On 13 April 2017, by the President’s order, assistant secretary (SB-1) Mr. Abdus Sattar Mia issued a notification on this. In section two of this notification, the authority recognizes the Standard Assuring Committee of Certificate formed by the six Qawmi Madrasa Education Board and proposes a complete committee outline.

According to this outline, a full committee was formed at Hathazari Madrasa, Chittagong, the office of the chairman of the committee, Allama Ahmad Shafi (Damat Barakatuhum) on the 18 Rajab 1438 hijri, 16 April, 2017, Sunday.

On the same working day by this committee, ‘Al-Haiatul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh’ was established to take Dawra-e Hadith (Takmil) examination. The first Dawra-e Hadith (Takmil) examination was held on Monday, 18 Shaban 1438 hijri, 15 May 2017, under the institution.

On Monday, 26 Bhadra 1425 bangla, 29 Jilhaj 1439 hijri, 10 September 2018, under the ‘Al-Haiatul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh ‘ the certificate of Dawra-e Hadith (Takmil) of the Qawmi Madrasa, equivalent to master’s degree (Islamic Studies and Arabic) bill 2018 ” was introduced in the Bangladesh National Parliament and according to Rule 246 of the Procedure Rules of the Parliament, the bill was sent to the parliamentary standing committee of the Ministry of Education. then That was examined and submitted to Parliament. Before that, The draft bill was approved by the cabinet on Sunday, 13 August 2018.

On Wednesday, 4 Ashwin 1425 bangla, 8 Muharram 1440 hijri, 19 September 2018 the bill was presented to the Parliament in the form recommended by the Standing Committee and passed on a vote. On Monday, 23 Ashwin 1225 bangla, 27 Muharram 1440 hijri, 8 October 2018 the bill was obtained by the President and published in the form of a Gazette by the Secretariat of Parliament for public awareness.

The all of Dawra-e Hadith Madrasa under six Qawmi Madrsa Education Boards are registered by the committee mentioned in this Act.

The students, who ara passed the Dawra-e Hadith (Takmil) examination, ‘Al-Haiatul Ulya Lil-Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh ‘ issue certificate for them. This certificate is equally recognized by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh with a Master’s Degree (Islamic Studies and Arabic).